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Georges Graner

Hello Benita

I have in my wife's family ancestors called RAVEL.
Mardochee RAVEL, born in Avignon ca. 1750 had at least three children :
Rachel RAVEL born in Paris ca. 1770, deceased 21 Dec 1844 Paris.
Lea RAVEL born probably in Paris ca. 1775
Jessuda Salon Leon RAVEL born in Avignon 21 July 1776, deceased
7 Nov 1834 Paris. He was a soldier in the revolutionary army and
a free-mason.

You can find many other RAVEL in the work of Jean-Claude COHEN devoted
to the "Papal Jews".

Note that the famous composer Maurice RAVEL has always denied any
Jewish origin.

Georges Graner (Paris-France-Member of the Cercle de Genealogie Juive)

Subject: RAVEL Family Inquiry
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 09:10:11 -0700
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I have just been introduced to this site and am working on genealogy
of my father's family. We have been able to trace an ancestor,
Bernard Dov Ravel, who may have been born in Lithuania, but whose
father (born sometime between 1780-90) was >from Strasbourg, France and
either served in Napoleon's army or was an agent for the army during
the invasion of Russia. Do any Vital Records exist of Jewish families
of that time period that I may research? Thank you.
Benita Ravel Neumann
El Paso, TX USA

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