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The Cercle de Genealogie Juive has just published a groundbreaking
source for genealogists researching Jews in Tunisia and Algeria:
"Les proteges israelites du consulat de France a Tunis, 1830-1913"
by Liliane Nedjar and myself (in French, 218 pages).

Based on material held at the French Diplomatic Archives in Nantes,
France, the book provides genealogical information on nearly 3.000
individuals and their families (so 10-12.000 individuals in total) who
were registered as protected subjects of the French consulate in Tunis
between 1830-1913. For many protected subjects, the names of their
father, mother, spouse(s) and children are provided, with frequent
references to other entries in the registers. This allows
reconstruction of previously inaccessible genealogies up to the
beginning of the 19th century.

In addition, documents used to justify registration, as well as
administrative documents used to manage the registration process, are
also archived in Nantes. The book supplies indexes to these files
which can yield remarkable papers (e.g. passports, certificates, etc.)
with information such as physical characteristics or additional
biographical and genealogical details, with no other known source for
this period. This will require a short visit to Nantes, which can be
done in a day or two >from Paris.

A list of family names can be found online, and the book can be ordered, at

Full disclosure: the authors derive no financial gain whatsoever from
the sale of this book. The non-profit Cercle de Genealogie Juive
is the largest Jewish genealogy association in France and is an IAJGS

Thierry Samama
Paris, France

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