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Jan Meisels Allen

The French Genealogy Blog posted a collection of surviving shipping
documentation for Le Havre registered vessels and held by the
Departmental Archives. Not all the documentation survived, therefore the
collection does not represent full listings of all shipping >from Le Havre.
Some documentation is held at other archives. These are not only passenger
lists,but fishing boats and vessels sailing to other French ports. The
title of the entire collection is Inscription Maritime which may be
researched at:
[Tiny Url: <>
(in French only).

The categories are:

- Registres matricules des gens de mer - 1751-1950 - These are highly
detailed crew lists, often with copies of birth registrations. There are
alphabetic indices at the end of each volume.

- Roles des batiments de commerce - 1751-1816 - These are the papers
required of each merchant vessel, listing stores, cargo, crew and
passengers. Included in this category are the matricules des bateaux de
plaisance - 1850-1906, the crew and passenger lists for pleasure craft.

- Matricules des batiments de commerce - 1741-1929 - Filed on the
vessel's return to port, this gives the same information as the r=F4le,
but will show any changes or alterations that may have occurred during
the voyage.

- Repertoires d'armement et de desarmement des batiments de commerce
- these are essentially finding aids, the lists that give the numbers,
dates and names of ships necessary to find them in the relevant documents

Searching is free.

To read more see:
Original url:

Thank you to Dick Eastman and the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter
for informing us of this unique collection.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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