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Georges Graner

As far as I know, DNA testing is forbidden in France unless a child
wants to prove that a man is his or her father. Even in this case, the
test has to be authorized by a judge.
Therefore, all french people who wish to make a DNA test for other
purposes are compelled to use foreign companies in Switzerland, in the
US or elsewhere.

Sorry for you !
Georges Graner


Subject: DNA testing in France
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 11:12:57 -0700
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All the DNA testing for my family (all Jewish) in the US was done through FTDNA.
I would like to test two people who married into my family and live in Paris. They are not Jewish, but think they have Jewish ancestors.
Which company would you suggest and are there any problems sending kits to Paris? Or perhaps there are other DNA companies or affiliates?

All the best,
Roberta Berman
Southern California

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