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I am trying to locate information about a relative of mine, Dora
PORTNOFF (b. ca. 1889), who visited my grandfather's grandfather in
Philadelphia in 1931. I was wondering if anyone could assist me in
learning more about her and her family. I am having trouble finding
any resources to uncover more about them.

Dora's 1931 New York City passenger manifest lists some information
about her. She apparently lived in Nice and received a visa there to
come to the United States. She was born in Baki, Azerbijan. My
grandfather and his sister also remember hearing about this French
family. Dora's father's name was likely Marcus (Mark?); he was
possibly a doctor. He may be the same person as Marquess OF
MIRANVILLE, living at I Rue Frederic Passy, Nice listed on Dora's
passenger manifest. I believe that Dora may have also had a brother
named Rudolph and that the family may also at one point have lived in

Any information or advice on how to proceed is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts you would be willing to provide.


Dan Schley
Ithaca, NY, USA

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