French SIG #France Re: index of Alsace marriages #france

Pierre HAHN

Thanks Jean-Pierre,

I was only the helper in the Alsatian marriages the thanks should go
to my cousin Jean-Christophe Leveque (formely Levy), who plowed
through all the indeces of the Haut and Bas Rhin.

We think that there are at least another few thousand marriages to be
added especially >from the Republisan calendar years as the hand
writing is barely legible in many records.

If you find other marriages that are missing, or errors, please send
them to my address, and in time they will be added and fixed.

We, Jean-Christophe and I, hope this marriage database will help
somone to move their knowledge of their family tree another

In the future we plan to add marriages >from other departments.

Pierre M Hahn, San Francisco

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