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Hi, be careful; the Alliance is no longer rue La Bruyere.
Go to their site:

Good luck, best to you,
Eliane Roos Schuhl, Paris

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Subject: Searching 1880'S Ederne' Alliance Teacher in Paris Files
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Luna CANETTI was my one of my two Sephardic Great-Nona's born in the Ottoma=
Empire around 1869, and she was the wife of Great-Nono, Nissim BEHAR of
Bulgaria. Nissim's inspiration for bringing the BEHAR Family >from Bulgaria
to Palestine was listening to the inspiring musings of a gentleman who
coincidentally had the same name, speak of his plans to begin a
French-Speaking School in Palestine. My Great-Grandfather was so inspired
that he moved our family in the first wave. While it was a known fact that
Luna was a School Teacher who was blind by adulthood, she's my only ancesto=
whose exact birthplace and parentage remain a puzzling mystery. Like a gift=
a few weeks ago I found a writing of my late Mother who made a brief
reference to Luna's teaching at the Ederne' Branch of Alliance Israelite
Universelle. After asking around, I found out that my Nono, her son, Michel=

BEHAR, also taught at Alliance, but at the Location in France prior to his
Agronomy career in Alexandria.

In the past week or so, I've learned that there's a whole community of
Alliance Alumni faring >from its inception that predates even my
Great-Grandmother. There've been locations in multiple countries, & multipl=
books and articles written about the Alliance, & there are yearbooks
available & copious files kept. A family I have linked to as DNA-Cousins
through my BEHAR/CANETTI family somehow are also involved with Genetic

Describing my finding, they mentioned that their Grandmother also taught at=

Alliance, and that while in Paris, they "spent part of a day obtaining all
her files." I told her that might not get me biological information, but
it's "Frosting on the cake." Her response was, "Oh, it's the better than an=
Frosting you could imagine!" Apparently the files included letters between
great-grandparents and the school, and mentioned family matters, dates, the=

names of previously unknown siblings. In short, there was so more
biographical information than they had hoped for! I wrote to the Alliance
office about a week ago & received no response. I am wondering if there is =
way I can find someone located a reasonable closeness to the Alliance Paris=

Office who I may retain to gather all there is? I would prefer to discuss
compensation privately when I have viable names or contacts.

Woodland Hills, California


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