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Jean-Pierre Stroweis

I'd like to recommend here an interesting book by Ivan Jablonka, A History
of the Grandparents I Never Had (Stanford University Press, 2016). It was
translated >from French where it is a bestseller. For those who read "Konin:
One Man's Quest for a Vanished Jewish Community" by Theo Richmond (1996) or
"The Lost: The Search for Six of Six Millions" by Daniel Mendelsohn (2013),
this is another thorough historical and genealogical research for the
relatives of the author. They came >from Parczew, near Lublin, Poland and
moved to France before WWII. The research is precise and comprehensive. It
uncovers some unusual sources in Poland and on the Holocaust in France. The
author is himself an historian. More details can be obtained from

For those who can read in French, the original title is "Histoire des
grands-parents que je n'ai pas eus" and it is available in a softcover
(pocket) format.

I have no connection with the author or the publishing company.

Jean-Pierre Stroweis

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