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Gail Pratley <gpratley@...>

Hello - I'm a new member here and wonder if anyone can answer this question
about my aunt.

Her name is Annette Maree SCHLAIFER (born WEIFENFELD) born 1906 in either
Rumania or Paris to my grandfather Marcel WEIDENFELD and his first wife
Marguerite WEINSTEIN. Annette married Maurice SCHLAIFER possibly in the
1920s or 30s in Paris. According to my mother Maurice was a soldier and
was killed during WWII when a train was bombed - I do not know where or
when or even if this is true.

It appears Annette continued to live in Paris after Maurice's death
during WII. In 1948 or 49 my grandfather, who had remarried after
(we think) divorcing Annette's mother and emigrated to NZ in 1926
with his new family, visited Paris and returned with Annette.
She lived in Napier, NZ >from then till her death in 1983.

I knew nothing about her until my father made a comment many years ago
about Mum having a half-sister. When questioned it was one of those
forbidden subjects so we didn't go there!

The internet is a wonderful thing and over the years I have managed to find
quite a bit of info about our mysterious aunt and her life in NZ. One thing
that has puzzled me is how did she survive in Paris during the war?
What did she do? Where did she live? Has anyone any suggestions how I can
find out?

Alternatively if someone can point me in the direction of any historical
documents that give a general overview of that time period and life in
Paris that too would be helpful.

Thank you!
Gail Pratley
Melbourne, Australia.

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