French SIG #France Re: (Belgium and Netherlands) Open Archives #france


Dear Friends,

This website looks very promising. It refers to records in Dutch and Belgian
archives. The url is nl, meaning the source is The Netherlands. I tried it
out with various names. I saw that it did not confine itself to Jewish
names. I tried two Jewish names and some Belgian ones. >from the results I

The site deals mainly with Dutch records. Very occasionally there is an
event in Belgium, but it seems always to be one connected to a record in
Nederland. For instance, someone born in Vlissingen, Zeeland, death recorded
in Oostende, Belgium. The source is probably a Dutch record.

I tried a few names >from my own family. Some of the names appear in Dutch
records but they are not related to my family. Like my mother's name Van
Parys, not one record >from Belgium. My own name Bousse, rare in Holland but
for which I have records in Belgium >from the late 1500s, no results in that

The website is useful but with these limitations.

I wish you all a happy and healthy year 2018.

Jan Bousse,

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