William Henry ADLER and Myra Rosa RAOUL-DUVAL (ADLER) - Translation #france

Caroline <cfb@...>

Dear All,
I've recently started researching my great, great-grandfather's genealogy,
William Henry ADLER (a German Jew). I am trying to discover whether his
sons and daughters were practising Jews, along with further information
about the family.

So far I know the 1901 Census lists him as:

William H. ADLER, Head, 56, living on own means, born in Germany,
naturalized Br. subject
Cacelia E. Wife, 47, born in Orange Free State (Africa)
Cecil G. Son, 25, articles clerk, born in Orange Free State
Benjamin H. Son, 22, 2nd Lt. in 4th Batt. Royal Fusilliers, born in
Durban, Natal (Africa)
Myra R. Daughter, 20, born London, S. Kensington
Ruby Daughter in law, 27, born in Durban, Natal

Myra Rosa, his daughter then married Roger Raoul-Duval, a French man (my
great-grandfather). I would like to try and find out whether Myra was a
practicing Jew. If she was, this means her grandson (my father) was a Jew!

I have managed to find a genealogy listing about Roger Raoul-Duval's
family - which also lists Myra. However, I'm sorry to say I don't speak
French and was wondering whether anyone might be able to direct me to a
French translator/or be willing to help? I have tried an online translating
machine, however, the abreviations result in a bit of a jumble of letters.

The ADLERS/RAOUL-DUVALS seem to have a very multi-cultural background,
however, it's the practising of the Jewish faith which is my main interest
just now.

With many thanks,
Caroline Faunce-Brown

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