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from Website Our Immigrant Ancestors >from Germany and Alsace (1830-1883), the following is stated regarding
Alsace's geographic connection

Many of our ancestors came >from a German-speaking region known as Alsace. In the
early 1800's, Alsace was part of the nation of France, as it is today, although
the people of Alsace spoke a dialect of German called "Alsacien." After the
defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, Alsace and the
neighboring German-speaking region of Lorraine, together referred to as
"Alsace-Lorraine," were annexed to Germany. Following World War I (1914-1918),
Alsace and Lorraine once again rejoined France.

The below link provides the jewishgen boundary Info on Alsace,

Hope this helps


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