French SIG #France The future of the FrenchSIG? #france

Rosanne Leeson

Dear FrenchSIG Members,

As the 2019 IAJGS Conference is approaching you may have noticed
that there seem to be no meetings, Share Fair,
or other specific references to FrenchSIG gatherings or other SIG
events listed for this year in Cleveland.
So, let us tell you exactly why.

Pierre Hahn and I began this SIG shortly after the IAJGS Conference in
Paris in the late 1990's.  It has been our pleasure, inspiration and
challenge for these many years since. We also have a close and warm
working connection with the Cercle de Genealogie Juive in Paris.
We now have a membership list of nearly 1000 members.

However, as time has passed Pierre and I have also added numbers to
our years.  He will soon be 91, and I, 90 years old.
We are still doing well, but our concern is for the future of the
FrenchSIG. We are still hanging in there, but we are not immortal!
It will take time for others to come aboard and to learn what is
involved with running this SIG, and moving forward with it.
Otherwise it will become defunct!

Therefore this is essentially a request for any of you who are
interested in learning the ropes, and eventually taking over this SIG,
to please contact us. Among the 1000 there must be at least one or two
who would like to take on this challenge. And there are Pierre and I,
as well as JG staff who will be able to teach and guide,to keep this
SIG alive!

Hoping for some eager volunteers!
Rosanne Leeson
Pierre Hahn
Co-Coordinators FrenchSIG

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