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We are trying to locate information on my mother-in law's brother
Pierre (Anselm) HIRSCH who arrived in the US >from France on August 21,
1947 and returned to Paris a few years later. The last contact we
have >from him was in the early 1960s. There has been no further
contact. He was born Anselm HIRSCH in Frankfurt in 1923 to Camilla
WERTHEIMER and Jacob HIRSCH. The family moved to France in late 1933
and settled in Paris until 1940 when the family moved frequently
throughout France to keep ahead of the Nazis. They used the name
lAMBERT during the war years and Anselm became Pierre. We have tried
to obtain information over the years to no avail but, perhaps new
materials may be available to tell us what happened to him.Merci,
Thank you in advance.
Laurie Kimmelstiel

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