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Myra Waddell

Cher Rosanne et Pierre,

So sorry that I didn't reply. I thought your request was just for
people submitting papers. Yes, I look forward to a meeting, possibly a
luncheon, etc. It's always nice to meet other researchers with
ancestors in France. Whilst I was in France earlier this year, I met a
distant cousin who I found through JewishGen when she submitted a query
and I recognized the names of people in whom she was interested. We
walked around a part of Paris, had a good chat and some delicious food. 
It was great to meet her.

I'm looking forward to being at the conference, although I'm not
offering to be a Coordinator or Moderator and certainly not a
Webmaster!!  Too old for any of that!!  I just like to be there.

All the best. See you in San Diego. 
Myra Waddell

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