French SIG #France RE: frenchsig digest: December 01, 2019 #france

joelle meyer <joelle.meyer24@...>

This is certainly disappointing.

Let me answer please as a French women active on Gersig with half of my
ancestors being German and the other one Alsatian
1. First going to San Diego is very far >from France
2. I suppose that many of the French speaking people are not so good at
English and do not imagine going to a conference fully in English
3. it is true that I never saw an interesting message on this forum.
Because we use other routes probably such as the French Jewish genealogical
societies or because French genealogy is so much easier than in Germany
because all is digitalized ?

But perhaps you were targeting the American audience potentially interested
in their French roots (not so frequent I would say in my modest opinion)

Have a great day,
Joelle >from Paris

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