German SIG #Germany Using the Archives - Step 1 #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

I have received replies >from some frustrated GerSIG members who have
been unable to use our archives.

If you would like to begin a step by step course on how to use the SIG
Archives step one is the following:

Using your web browser, go the the internet address:

You will probably be taken to a web form asking for your JewishGen ID number
( JGID ) which is also known as your JGFF Researcher Code and your password.

If you are reading this you are a GerSIG Subscriber and ** must **
have a JGID and password. If you don't know your JGID and / or
password follow the instructions on the sign-in page.

When you have properly entered your JGID number and password you
should be taken to the page headed as follows:

JewishGen SIG Lists Archive

This database contains all messages posted to the JewishGen Special
Interest Group (SIG) Mailing Lists since July 1998. You can search for
any word or word combination in a message.
Once you have found your way to this page please read the instructions and do
one or two test searches.

After you have done some test searches if you have problems or questions
please send them to:

John Paul Lowens, GerSIG Coordinator

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