German SIG #Germany Toronto meeting--East and West Prussian BOF #germany


At the recently completed IAJGS meeting in Toronto, fifteen of us gathered as
a BOF (Birds of a Feather, that is those with a common interest) interested
in the Prussias, East and West as well as Pommerania. It was decided to
form an informal group within Ger-Sig and I was drafted to coordinate the
project. I invite anyone interested in this area to write to me at the
address below. Please include places and family names and I shall add your
name to our mailing list.

As a point of interest most of this area is currently in Poland and some in
Russia; however, it is primarily German speaking, thus Ger-Sig. We shall
probably be doing some work with the JRI Poland project.

Donald W. Stein, M.D.
Oro Vlley AZ

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