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Henry Graupner <graupner@...>

Hello GerSig,
I have just joined the group.

I am now the coordinator for Beuthen for the JRI-PL project, having
"apprenticed" as volunteer transcriber for a couple of years when Lance
Ackerfeld was the coordinator.

Prior to working on the JRI-PL project, I spent several years going through
all the LDS microfilms for Beuthen/Bytom and have exhausted all the
possibilities in these films for furthering my personal research.

I have identified the names, etc. of three generations of my father's
ancestors >from Beuthen.

My primary area of interest now, is to find out (>from all you helpful
GerSig members) what resources/archives, if any, exist for Beuthen vital
records predating the LDS film records that start in 1812.

So, to sum up, I am looking for information about:

any GRAUPNER birth, marriage or death in Beuthen, or other info, prior to

Henry Graupner, graupner@... Guelph, Canada

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