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Marion Kaye <kmarion@...>

Hello Gersig
I have just joined your group.
I have enjoyed genealogy for many years, having been given a lot of papers
by my family. I live just outside London England.

I am first generation British. My parents escaped >from Germany in 1938.

At this moment in time I want to find out the following and I am hoping
someone out there can help:

Neuenberg Schwetr.West Prussia

is now part of Poland. Do you know what it is called now and which archive
I should write to?

Does anyone know where

Crone An Der Brahe is or was?

The family names I am researching here are:
HIRSCHFELD..West Prussia SCHLOCHAUER...Bromberg and Crone an der Brahe

Many thanks

Marion Kaye <kmarion@...> Near London UK

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