German SIG #Germany How to respond privately #germany


Many responses to questions asked here in the GerSig Forum are best
sent privately to the person who asked the question but NOT to the
list for posting.

ALL responses to earlier questions should be sent privately to the member
who asked the question even if a response is posted to the list.

Some responses may be of general interest to our group either now or
in the future via the GerSig Archives. If you think that your response
may be of general interest please send a C O P Y of the message you send
privately to the list.

Messages sent to the list should conform to GerSig list rules.

A full signature is required, a complete subject line is required,
the message must be sent in PLAIN TEXT format etcetera.

The moderator will attempt to forward private replies to the questioner
when they are addressed to the list instead of to that GerSig member.
Replies sent to the list which are not of general interest or which do not
conform to our list rules will be rejected without notification.

GerSig Moderator

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