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My name is Daniel Gashler. I have been doing German-Jewish Geneology for
only a few days. Most of the information I have comes >from my
Grandfather, Alarich Franz Gaschler, as well as aunts and uncles who have
done quite a bit of research. My ancestors that I am researching come
from Bohemia.
Right now I am working on relatives >from the 18th and 19th centuries from
the villages of Neuer/Nyrsko, Neugebauer/Vseruby, and Kdyne.
The families I am researching are: EICHINGER, FUESSEL,
RONSPERGER, GRASSLAU, and ROGG / HORNER. Due to my short involvement I
have not been very successful.

My computer and internet skills are good. My native language is English.
I also have a working knowledge of Russian, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian,
Macedonian, and Spanish. My German skills are lacking, but I've been able
to work my way through German texts with a lot of grunting and referencing. I speak and read some modern Hebrew, although I'm working
right now to figure out how to read tombstones(it's quite difficult).

Since I'm knowledgeable in other Slavic languages, I'm able to do alright
in figuring out Czech and Slovak.

I've had some free time lately to divulge myself in geneology, but
I am a full time student and will be returning to school next week.
I would love to assist in any way possible and get help with my
own research. However, due to my schedule, the next few months will be
hectic and I will probably speng as much time doing geneology as I do
sleeping. However, please do contact me! Sincerely,

Daniel Josef Gashler <> Provo, Utah USA

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