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Jeanette R. Rosenberg <106503.3561@...>

I have a number of femail relatives called Zettchen listed in my family
tree. In all cases Zettchen is the diminutive or shortened form of the
name Lisette - this name frequently appears in my family tree. Where the
name Lisette appears, the family all came >from the NordRhein Westphalia

This name is completely distinct >from Jettchen Jutte or Jette- which are
the diminutives of Henriette - another frequent occurrence in my tree.
It differs also >from Nettchen which is the shorter versions of my own first
name - Jeanette (And there are so many of these in my tree it is hard to
imagine that I could ever have had any other first name!!)

I hope this helps

Jeanette R Rosenberg London UK

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