German SIG #Germany Help requested re our pending visit to Germany #germany


In October my wife and I are going to spend three weeks in Germany doing
primarily genealogy. We would appreciate any help and/or suggestions
anyone might care to give us including where to look, whom to contact,
possible translators etc. in the following:

1. We are looking for Birth, Marriage and Death Records for the years
prior to 1850 in the following communities in Hessen--Sterndorf, Romrod,
Borken, Marburg, Bad Wildungen, Dalheim and even Darmstadt and Kassel

2. Any contacts in Hamburg as to ships list prior to 1860.
Thanks in advance.

Donald W. Stein, M.D. Oro Valley, AZ

MODERATOR NOTE: An extended discussion of helpful tips for researchers
visiting Germany appeared here some time ago when Michael Bernet was
preparing for his trip.

On his return, he kindly posted a list of further tips based upon his
experience there. Perhaps Dr. Bernet has copies of this. Surely he
can advise you when his trip took place which will help you find the
information in the GerSig Archives. Gute Reise! MOD1

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