German SIG #Germany Re: Help requested re our pending visit to Germany #germany

Ernest and Doris Stiefel <erstiefel@...>

Jewish birth, marriage and death records (Juden Matrikel) of what then was
the Grossherzogtum Hessen were established by law on January 14, 1823.
Most of these records still exist today; probably at the three state
archives (Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Marburg). In addition many of the
originals still can be found at the place where the event took place.

In some places, like Darmstadt, Jewish records were kept at earlier dates.

I suggest that you make appointments at the three state archives and that
you visit the mayors of the places you indicated.

As to translators I am not in a position to give any help since I read,
speak and write German fluently.

I have no information re Hamburg. Good luck !

Ernest R. Stiefel, Seattle, Washington

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