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SUBJECT: Shana Tova
Dear all.
I would like to send a Happy New Year to all of us, in Israel and in the
XXX city / nation Researching the surnames: (snip)

We do not post such messages for a number of reasons. Rather we encourage
our members to post holiday, thank you, simcha and other greetings to
the JewishGen Wall of Honor.

This is done at:

Prior messages posted at the Wall of Honor can be viewed via:

The financial crisis at JewishGen makes your financial contributions
especially important at this time. Dwindling resources at JewishGen
make it especially important now to discourage postings that are not
substantive. At GerSig we do allow short holiday greetings to be added to
real Q & A messages >from members.

Please help support JewishGen and send your greetings with a donation.
Donations via the "Wall of Honor" by credit card or check:


Contributions to GerSig's fund for German Jewish Genealogy Research
data bases and projects:


Contributions to other research projects and SIG funds:


John Paul Lowens, Coordinator / Moderator German Jewish SIG

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