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Miriam Waltch <mickyw@...>

Hello GerSig,
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for 1 year.
I consider myself to be novice in doing Genealogy research.
I live in (rural) Idaho in the USA. My native language is English and I
know no other languages. I consider myself advanced in using a computer.
My experience in using the Internet is extensive but intermediate.

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of all of my
grandparents, but not of my Paternal great grandparents, on my father's
side and the Maternal parents of my mom.

My primary research goals now are to find out, About, Bernard STRUMPF
father of Louis Strumpf grandfather of Max Carl STRUMPF.
I don't know what city or country but my parents said Germany/Prussia
Included in my search of Bernard STRUMPF and his wife "unknown name"

Bernard STRUMPF attended Louis & Fanny's wedding in NY in 1890 when Louis
was 24 (there is a variance of different birthdates which I found is
normal) in the immigrant but on his census it say it says he was born 1869
and she 1868 on the wedding certificate Louis 24 and Fanny 22 nothing more
about Bernard or wife.

There was no wife of Bernard listed on that certificate. Bernard was not
found through any census reports >from there on. I believe there were
brothers of Louis but not in this country so have assumed that after the
wedding Bernard went back to ???

The other search is my mother's mother and father Hiller & Augusta ISAACS
Also >from Germany/Prussia but is not definite >from where.
They also came >from Germany/Prussia and I have found them in the 1880 &
1910 census but don't know where in Germany/Prussia they came >from and can
not find any relatives here in the states.

I would like to get the dates of death. Hiller born 1850 was supposed to
have died when my mom was in her very early teens (she was born 1898) and
her mom Augusta Meyer ISAACS born 1854 died before she married my father in

I have found two census reports 1880 Division St. Manhattan and 1900 E
89th St. Manhattan nothing more. One odd thing I found on the 1880 Division
St. address was a woman living with them called a "mother in law" named
spelling is hard to decipher and odd since my grandmothers maiden name was
She doesn't appear on the 1900 census but her age in 1880 was 66 and also
from Prussia.
My mom Sophie Willa Isaacs STRUMPF, my father Max Carl STRUMPF both
deceased 1976.
I hope someone an at least give me some ideas what to check next.

Miriam 'Micky' Strumpf Waltch Waltch St. Maries (rural) Idaho - USA

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