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Martin Kurrein writes:
I'm researching ancestors and descendants of Louis LOEWE (Moses
Montefiore's secretary and biographer), and the ancestors of Rabbi Adolf
KURREIN, father Markus KURREIN (Gorein, Corein?) 1802-1848, of Trebic.
The LOEWE descendants are not too difficult. It's the ancestors that are
causing me more problems. He appears to have been born LEVY (his father
was Jacob Simon LEVY of Zulz, Silesia, who was also known by the name
The Staatsbürgerverzeichnis for upper and middle Silesia published
around 1815 lists the names of heads of households who had taken
citizenship in 1812-1814. There is no Louis LOEWE listed. (Louis isn't
a common name on the list--only 12 or so out of over 3750 names.)

Ludwig would be a Germanized form, but it's even rarer: 3 cases in all,
nobody named LOEWE or anything similar. Loebel would be a possibility,
but there are many, many Loebels.

If Jacob Simon LEVY was alive in 1812, he would likely have been a head
of household--unless I'm misreading or assuming too much in the above.

There is no Jacob Simon LEVY/LEWY/LEVI/LEWI in Zülz (or anywhere else)
on this register. However:
--There is nobody with any of those surnames in Zülz, out of 4 LEWIs, 5
LEWINs, and 51 LEWIs.
--There are 11 LÖWEs in the register, 10 of them in Zülz.
--There are 4 LÖWYs, 3 of them in Zülz, including one Jacob Simon LÖWY.
He is assigned the number 2206. This number is important because some
localities used it as a reference number in registers kept over the next
If you have access to Zülz records, you might begin with this individual.

Two caveats: the register sometimes lists place of residence as of 1812,
and sometimes the birthplace, without differentiating. And remember:
these are heads of households only. Spouses and children of any age
living with the head of household will not appear here. Glückauf!

Roger Lustig <>

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