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Dear friends:

Reviewing my late father's work on Jews of Upper Silesia, I came upon a
note that contained information I have now confirmed:

The LDS films 879,596 through 879,598, indexed under Baranowice
(Baranowitz), Katowice province, actually contain much more.

Specifically, they contain a wealth of information about:
Sohrau (Zory) for about 1812-1836 and 1847-1873
Loslau (Wodzislaw Slaski) 1826-1874
Rybnik for 1812-1874 (though more for the years before about 1850)
localities in Kreis Rybnik for 1812-1847

as well as:

Nieder-Belk for 1843-1847
Baranowitz for 1845-1848
Nieder-Schwirklan for 1848 (one record--for the Bielschowsky family).

In fact, the Baranowitz material takes up only a few frames at the
beginning of the film.

The contents of the film are summarized accurately in a typed document
that appears at the beginning of the first of the three reels of film.

My father's notes indicate that a similar situation holds for film
864,953, which is listed as containing material about Neu-Berun (Bierun
Nowy); but I have not yet seen this film.

My question to all of you:

Have you found such uncatalogued material on other films, whether from
the LDS Family History Library or elsewhere? If so, please describe it
for us.

Let me state unequivocally that:
--I consider the LDS/FHL efforts to be noble and highly valuable,
--they have to date provided vast amounts of information at minimal cost
to thousands and thousands of researchers,
--I consider the state of affairs described above to be merely an
--I am circulating the information in this note, and making my request,
strictly in the interest of making a good thing better.

May all of us be inscribed in the Book of Life for the coming year, and
may all of us have success in discovering the inscriptions we seek in
other books!

Roger Lustig <>

Researching Upper Silesia, Jöhlingen (Baden), Netra (Hessen),
Hockenheim, Speyer, etc.

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