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In Issue 21 (September 2002) of GenAmi, you can read :
- GenAmi meetings
On Oct. 3rd Alsace and Lorraine,
How it is possible to go further, with Jean-Claude Herelle-Carcassone
On Nov. 21st, Italy with Lionel Levy and Marc Margarit

- Exhibition of genealogy in Paris on 13, 14, 15 December
Participation of GenAmi
Map of the Exhibition

- New publications of GenAmi :
1. Jews >from Switzerland in the Belgian file
2. Jews of Courland and Lituania in the Belgian file
3. Some more lists of 1808 and other files

- A story of Jews in Italy by Lionel LEVY
an abstract very well done

- The popes and the Jews by Gerard SILVAIN
Such a synthesis had never been done before

- Genealogical research in Italy,
by Micheline GUTMANN and Francine PALLARD
a list of the privcipal sources in France and everywhere.

- The Italians members of the Grand Sanhedrin
by Micheline GUTMANN

- At Singapore : a very nice pledge, a short history of the Jews,
by Pascale HUMMEL who is living there for a while

- Acquisitions
CD-Rom of naturalisations (1900-1950)
CD-Rom of the Encyclopedia Judaïca
- books : Qu'est-ce qu'un Français ?
an history of French naturalisations by Patrick Weil
- Documents of the REJ (revue d'etudes juives) >from (A.I.U.)

- Reviews of genealogy
- Short news
- Questions and answers

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Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris, France

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