German SIG #Germany Re: Papierhaendler defined [again] #germany

Jerry Zeisler <jzeisler@...>

Just to clarify the origination and time frame of the term that I
requested (Papierha(umlat)ndler), it came >from the 1882 Budapest City
Directory. As I mentioned privately to several respondents after reading
Johannes' reply, it is quite possible that my g-grandfather, Joseph
ZEISLER, may have sold paper >from a factory to a newspaper. His first
cousin's husband, Hermann GROEDEL and his two brothers owned a very
large lumber exporting business that spanned several countries including
Hungary, Austria and others. And shortly afterwards, after arriving in
the US in 1881, he was listed as a Reporter.

Works out very nicely I would say.

Jerry ZEISLER Leesburg, Virginia USA

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