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I am trying to find out any information about Gidel (Gutel) Simon and her
ancestors. She was born in Neunkirchen near Bad Mergentheim in

(Simon was a most probably a patronymic, so I haven't capitalized it.)

[MOD NOTE: Patronymic or not, we believe it best to type the last
names of research subjects in ALL CAPS.]

She was married to Wolf Jacob (again a patronymic, not a family name) who
was one of the first two Jews to be allowed to settle in Doerzbach in 1753
after a hiatus of many years. He was >from nearby Hohebach. Wolf Jacob had
four known children.
It isn't certain that all were Gidel's. She definitely was the
mother of the first two.

1. Maentle Wolf Jacob 12 February 1752 - 3 May 1817 Hohebach, cattle
trader, married 18 May 1789 to Reichel Joseph Seligmann 1763 Hohebach - 22
December 1812 Hohebach. Descendants adopted the name ROSENFELD.

2. Samuel Wolf STRAUSS 16 June 1755 Doerzbach - 17 January 1828 Doerzbach,
married 18 January 1789 to Haia Baruch 30 January 1761 Doerzbach - 6
October 1837 Doerzbach

3. Nathan Wolf BLUMENTHAL 1765 Doerzbach - 5 June 1845 Buttenhausen,
married 1790 to Hanna NEUBURGER 1775 Fellheim - 21 January 1861

4. Jacob-Loew Wolf 1771 Doerzbach - 15 May 1804 Buttenhausen, married 1.
to Regina, married 2. to Gidel Isak 1771 Fellheim - 4 June 1837
Descendants adopted the name HOFHEIMER. (I am a descendant of Jacob and

If these were all Gidel Simon's children, then Gidel was probably born
about 1730.

Ralph N. BAER Washington, D.C.

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