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The question of the origins of the Jewish population of pre-Nazi Germany
has no simple or universally accepted answer. Recent advances in
DNA research have produced new data and shed doubt on theories which
had been widely accepted. As this research continues the history
of Jewish migration to Germany will be revised further.

In this Forum we don't like to confuse personal opinion with established

When writing to the GerSig Forum on such topics, members should make
it clear which of their statements are based on personal opinion.

Statements based upon published research findings should include
citations to that published data. This will help make questions such as
that >from Michael Bernet (below) unnecessary.

In a message dated 9/27/2002 jebenhausen@..., writing of the Jews who
settled in Germany in the 10th century writes:

"However, other evidence suggests there were also people with a Slavic
language background."

==I'm very curious abut this one. What is the evidence? How did they get
to slavic countries in the first case?

The DNA evidence, incidentally, shows that most Ashkenzaic males are
descended on their male lines to ancestors in the greater Syria area;
the female line suggests a limited number of female ancestors who were of
local, not Syrian genetic descent.

Michael Bernet, New York, mBernet@...

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