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Hello, I am one of the twins that Carol Baird(my cousin) described in
yesterday's e-mail------there were many problems in getting out at that
time my father had been trying since Kristallnacht----We did get out
legally which is amazing my parents actually have a passport wih the big
red J for Jude-----one of the major problems was that nobody wanted to
take the Jews-----------if there had been an israel than most would have
been saved.

Evelyn Perl <> New York City

MODERATOR NOTE: This topic is now closed here. I have included this
note >from Evelyn Perl because Ms. Perl operates a book service
that specializes in Holocaust materials. Those interested in reading
more about the NS years can request her latest catalogue. Ms. Perl
did not request that I add this note and I have no business interest
in her service. John Paul Lowens - Moderator
Whose father and grandparents were lucky early immigrants to NYC
6 February 1936 on the last voyage of HMS Majestic.

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