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Frank, Steven <Steven.Frank@...>

I am starting to plan a trip to Bavaria next summer to show my children
their grandparent's homes and hometowns, and visit some other towns their
ancestors came from. I have been in email touch with a few contacts in
Bavaria but must write via snail mail to others, and that means translating
my letters into German. Can anyone suggest websites that do German/English
translation credibly. Sadly I thought I had one but my German friend told
me it was way off.

I tried doing a search in the archives, since I know this was discussed a
while ago, but was unsuccessful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Steve Frank, Washington, DC <>

MODERATOR NOTE: A search for "Translation" in the GerSig Archives at:
produced "A comparison of web-based translation tools" posted 2/17/01.

The same information (including many translation site URLs is on our
web site. There is an easy link at the GerSig home page and the direct
URL is:

Finally, be sure to read Michael Bernet's report on his travel in Bavaria
which is in our archives. My guess: search for:
"travel and Germany and information and Bavaria"
or perhaps:
"travel or trip and Germany and information and Bavaria"

Using the first syntax I found one guide posted by Mr. Bernet and
using the second I found a different one. Both are worth reading.
Remember to limit this search to German Jewish SIG, not all SIGS. MOD1

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