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Janet Akaha <akaha@...>

I am trying to further my research on my paternal SIMSON, BLUM & WOLF
lines. I do not know where in Hesse-Darmstadt my GG Grandfather Henry(Hyneman) SIMSON was born, but he was in Philadelphia by 1834. He married
Mary BLUM. She was born in Kleinsteinach, Bavaria around 1821 and is the
daughter of Hayyim BLUM & Eiddel WOLF.

I suspect that my SIMSON line connects to the SIMSON/LIEBMANN/LIPPMANN
families in Muehlfeld and my BLUMS may as well.

I am wondering if anyone out there has any connection to any of the
following Muehlfeld, Germany families. I have data on a possibly related
SIMSON family that had shutz-jude status in Muehlfeld until the death of
Simson LIEBMANN or LIPPMANN in 1773. His offspring then moved to Schwarza,
Thuringia. This family took the surnames SIMSON and LIPPMANN. (Included in
the Muehlfeld marriage records is a Neuberger/Leonin marriage where the
bride is >from Kleinsteinach which heightens my suspicion that my Blums and
Simsons may connect to the Muehlfeld families).

The Muehlfeld name change list c. 1811/12 Source: Senta Simon

No. House # Old Clan Name New Family Name

1 2 Moses Aron Moses Kaz
2 4 Low Aron Low Kaz
3 7 Jonah Schmul Jonah Oberlander
4 8 Jacob Loew Jacob Neuberger
5 9 Mannle Schmul Mannle Oberlander
6 12 Jonas W. Blum
7 16 Aron Feifel Aron Kaz
8 19 Low Moses Low Goldschmidt
9 20 Moses Loew Moses Goldschmidt
10 23 Abraham Levi Abraham Franck(or Frank)
12 48 Salomon Jacob Salomon Silbermann
13 69 Moses Lippmann Moses Liebmann (1771 - 1839)
14 70 Jona Lippmann Jona/Hona Liebmann (1774 - 1833)
15 71 Esther W. Esther
16 74 Izig Lippmann Izig Liebmann (1781 - 1856)
17 75 Raphael Abraham Raphael Abraham
18 80 Daniel Gumb Daniel Rosenthal

This list was sent to me with the above spellings. It is missing a number
of umlauts. Kaz would later become KATZ.

Senta Simon of New York has sent me translated birth, death and marriage
information for LIEBMANN and BLUM.

Is anyone else researching Kleinsteinach? I would be interested in finding
a name change list for Kleinsteinach and I would also like to know if there
are any records available >from the old Kleinsteinach cemetery.

Thank you in advance,

Janet Billstein Akaha

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