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I do not dispute that many Jewish names in Germany were based on place-
names with which the person was associated but in my own family I have
found some hard-to explain family names.

My ggf, Leib SPEIER (which is already a place name, though the Speiers
came >from Hof), wrote in the "Family Book" in 1872 that he took the name
HOLSTEIN, though the family; lived near Kassel and had no apparent
connection with the province of Holstein.

Leib Speier-Holstein also traces his ancestry to the PLAUT family of
Neuenbrunslar, which again is not near Schleswig-Holstein.

Another mystery regarding the "taking" of additional names are the various
descendants of Josef Plaut who added names such as Dannenberg, Stern and
Koenig to the Plaut name.

Often the original name (Plaut, Speier) was dropped and only the newer
name retained by future generations.

Irwin Schiffres, Rochester,, NY

Searching HOLSTEIN or SPEIER-HOLSTEIN (Neuenbrunslar, Gensungen),
SPEIER or SPEYER (Hof or Hoof), KAHN (Alsace, Belgium),

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