German SIG #Germany Some housekeeping at JewishGen and GerSig #germany


1. JewishGen is working on improvements to the listserver software to
improve performance. This will result in better service for GerSig
and other SIG Forums.

The work is being done on SUNDAY MORNINGS starting each week at
10 a.m. Central USA time (11 a.m. NY time). You will probably
not be able to send messages to the Forum Sunday mornings during
that time period for several weeks.

2. The listserver updates result in the removal of some subscribers.

Those being removed are:

A. Subscribers on "HOLD" status due to repeated failure of email
delivery. (Subscribers whose email systems are bouncing our
GerSig posts or Digests.)

B. Subscribers who do not confirm their new subscription requests.

When someone enters a new subscription request, the listserver
sends him / her a PLEASE CONFIRM email. This asks that the
new subscriber confirm the subscription request by sending a
short email message back to the listserver.

If you suggest that a friend join the GerSig list or if you
change your GerSig email address by entering a new subscription
and deleting your subscription >from your former address, please
watch for the "Please Confirm...." letter and follow its
instructions promptly.

GerSig members presently in danger of being removed are:

HELD for bounced email: H K J Breman Robert Weinberg


25.10.02 Charles Greenfield
27.10.02 Ilan Ganot

Some 10 GerSig subscribers who were on HOLD status or CONFIRM PENDING
status have already been deleted >from GerSig membership during the
ongoing listserver work.


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