German SIG #Germany "Bayern area" General history - English sources wanted #germany

Elizabeth Levy <ealevygen@...>

Can anyone suggest a good book or article in English on the history
of Jews in the Bayern area? Thanks.

Elizabeth Levy Mevassaret Zion, Israel

MOD NOTE: You should find some at the GerSig website - Resources page.
I'd also search the GerSig archives for:

Bayern or Bavaria and BOOK and CITE

This will bring up any citations of books on Bavaria or towns mentioned
with Bayern or Bavaria in old GerSig postings.

You should remember that parts of modern Germany now in other German
Lande (states) were once part of the Kingdom of Bavaria (Bayern).
For example, my ancestral town of Kaiserslautern in southwestern Germany
was once in "Bavaria". Good luck. MOD1

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