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Dick Plotz

According to the FTJP, Isak Salomon WILNER (d. 1806) of Hannover, son
of Zippora Samuel GOLDSCHMIDT of Hildesheim, married Gitel Abraham POHLE
(1732-1819). Their son was Abraham, who married Esther Herschel, and
their son was Wilhelm WILDA of Bremen. No dates are given for Abraham
or Wilhelm. Another son of Isak WILNER was Jacob Israel WILDA (d. 1847),
so this mutation of the surname appears to have been general in the family.

A Dutch Jewish genealogical database at
<> includes an Isaac
Abraham WILDA, born in Bremen 8 Mar 1793, son of Abraham Izack WILDA and
Gouda Meyer LEVY.

It is tempting to conclude that the same Abraham Isaac WILDA married
twice, to Esther Herschel and to Gouda Meyer LEVY, and that Isaac Abraham
WILDA, like Wilhelm WILDA, was a great-grandson of Zippora Samuel

The dates pose something of a problem for the grandfather and grandson
both named Isaac, but the Dutch site gives 1806 as the date of death of
Abraham, so perhaps it was attached to Isak in the FTJP by mistake. But I
have not been able to find any further information, so far, bearing on the
question of the identity of the Abrahams in these two sites.

If anyone has a suggestion about where to turn next, I would be interested
in hearing it.

Dick Plotz Providence RI USA

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