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Udi Cain

Dear all.

"Fresh >from the oven":-))
I just published the results of my recent note and the help of our fellow
researcher Sylvia Stawski, and not a long while ago, I received
almost "whole family story" >from our fellow researcher Monica van der

The information >from Amsterdam included a lot of the same which I
received >from Rogasen, so I have all the confirmation that I need.
It also opens another window: Hartog Leefmans's mother had the same
surname, BENJAMIN, as my G'G'G'G'grandmother, Caecilia Esther BENJAMIN,
who married Simon LOSZYNSKI in Schocken around 1802.

This is a day of great success, and another proof for the importance of
GerSIG and JewishGen.

Best regards. Udi Cain, Jerusalem.

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