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Ruth & Lee Fleishman <ruthnlee@...>

Hello GerSig, I just joined the group. I am brand new at genealogy
research. I life in rural Baltimore County, Maryland, USA.
My only language is English. I have identified the names and birth and
death dates of both of my parents and I know the names of all of my
grandparents. My primary research goal is to go back as far as possible
into my ancestry.

The data that I presently have is:
My father – Sylvan Kann FLEISHMAN, B 02/04/1897 in Baltimore, D.09/19/1991
in Baltimore.

His parents were Samuel FLEISHMAN and Fanny KANN.
My mother – Sophie SCHIMMEL, b 09/27/1900 in Baltimore, d 1983 in
Her parents were David SCHIMMEL and Minnie APPEL, both >from Austria
I also have data on siblings of my parents and all later generations.
Any advice as to what to do next will be greatly appreciated.

Lee S. Fleishman Monkton, Maryland

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