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I am searching for descendants of Creszion WEINSCHENK of Eppingen, Baden
born in 1820, married to Isaak REIS. They had 8 children, Rudolf, Jeanette,
Lehmann, Gustav, Theodor, Cacilie, Julius and Sophia. Creszion was the
sister of my great great grandmother, Lea WEINWCHENK who married Elias BAER
of Stebbach.

We have possibly found four of the children of Creszion (Baszion in the
Eppingen records) and Isaak in the 1880 USA census. There is a Theadore
REESE married to Augusta with a daughter Martha living in a hotel in
Washington, Minnesota. Living in the same hotel was Julius REESE and
possibly their sister Cecilia married to a SULZBERGER.

Also found in the 1880 census was Gustav RIESE (a barber)living in Chicago
married to Emma.

I got this information >from the website by checking the
records for Eppingen, Germany. Previous to this time our family knew nothing
about the family of Lea Weinschenk. I then took this information to the FTJP
on the Jewishgen website. This gave me the names of Lea parents, Lemle
Koppel WEINSCHENK and Mina LEHMANN as well as another generation back. All
found without leaving the comfort of my living room in front of my computer! Many thanks to the researcher who posted all this on the FTJP.

Thanks to all who answered my last post.

Linda LEVINE Cambridge, Massachusetts

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