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The Boston Globe wrote a front page story on Sunday about the surprising
Jewish roots of Senator John KERRY. It seems that KERRY's grandfather was
Fritz KOHN >from a small town in the Czech Republic that once was part of the
Austrian empire.

Are any of our members researching this family?

If anyone is interested in the entire article see The Boston Globe Sunday,
February 2, 2003.

KOHN changed his name in 1902 to Frederick KERRY when he emigrated to the
US. The Globe reports that a birth register for Frederick/Fritz KOHN in the
village of Bennisch showed Benedikt KOHN, master brewer and his wife
Mathilde, daughter of Jakob FRANKEL, royal dealer in Oberlogau in Prussia.

The record does not mention a baptism. But the family says that Frederick
KERRY was a Catholic and is buried in a Catholic cemetery in Brookline. The
birth register was listed in the church records, on an addendum page listing
Jewish families.

KERRY admitted that he knew about his Jewish roots although he said he was
blown away by learning the details. People in this neck of the woods make a
big deal about KERRY's maternal ties to the FORBES and WINTHROPS, Boston
Brahmin families. Because of the large number of Irish Americans in Boston
many people here assumed that KERRY is part Irish. It will be interesting to
see how this new revelation will affect KERRY'S political career.

Linda Levine Cambridge, MA

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