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Dear friends,

this is a searchable database listing Jewish victims of the Holocaust from
The URL is:

For orientation see the map of Muensterland.

Map of Muensterland

On the home page of the database, follow these steps:

Click on : "Gedenken und ERinnern vor Ort" > Datenbank > Juedische Opfer im

Now you have two ways to go:

1. Click on the hyperlink "Recherche",which will bring you to a simple and
advanced search mask.
Use this in case you know the surname or name of town you are searching.

2. Click on the hyperlink "Datenbank" > Juedische Oper > Zum Findbuch.
This will open a list of all localities with Jewish vicitims. Clicking on
anyone of the places will give you the complete list of victims of that

The Results show:
Surname and name
Date of birth (Geburtstag)
Date of death (Todestag)
Place of birth (Geburtsort)
Deportation destination (Deportationsort)
Camp (Place of death) (Lager - Todesort)
Source (Quelle)
Date of deportation (Deportationsdatum)

There is another database on this site concerning the victims of Euthanasie
in Muensterland. The results show only initialized surnames and full given
names. This makes it difficult to judge who is Jewish.

Wishing you all the best.
Naomi Teveth in Tel Aviv

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