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The Bundesarchiv has given the Holocaust Museum a finding aid to the
1939 census for use in replying to individual inquiries. It may not be
placed on the web or transferred to other institutions. This is
extremely helpful in locating persons when their location in 1939 is not
known. Once the person is located, the researcher may access the
complete file through LDS family history centers.

I am well aware of the frustration in dealing with the census when a
location is not known and, given the restrictive availability of this
information, I would be prepared to help Gersig members. You may send
me your inquiries at:

Please be merciful and only send inquiries (preferably given as well as
family name) where you have unsuccessfully searched in the past, and not
every Goldschmidt in Germany.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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