German SIG #Germany View Mate - Please help me decipher #germany

David Lewin <davidlewin@...>

I would appreciate your help to decipher the Hebrew and the Gothic German
inscription on a Jewish burial stone found on the wall of a recently
renovated house in Dresden, Germany.

I want to get the Dresden authorities to transfer the stone to where it
belongs - A Jewish burial ground - or at least the recently built new

This stone should not be an adornment.

The image is posted to the Viemate site at:

PLEASE NOTE - the image is marked "HEBREW" brcause Viemate will not allow
more - the German is in the bottom one-third of the tombstone

Please contact me directly - - as I do not
normally read the messages to this general Jewishgen list. I am a SIG

The image will remain on the JewishGen ViewMate site for at least 7 days.
Thank you for your help

David Lewin London

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