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Three men assumed the family name HIRSCHMANN in Grosskrotzenburg (on the
Main river, upstream >from Hanau in Hessen-Nassau). These were:

1) Manasses (Manche) HIRSCHMANN 1756 Grosskrotzenburg - 17 January 1848
Grosskrotzenburg, married to Bila ... about 1760 Bad Orb - 1821
Grosskrotzenburg, Manasses received Grosskrotzenburg Schutz on 13 January

2) Meier Baer HIRSCHMANN 1788 Grosskrotzenburg - 26 March 1859
Grosskrotzenburg, married to Hanchen (Hindele) ADLER 1792 Aschaffenburg -
7 April 1830 Grossksrotzenburg. Meier Baer received Grosskrotzenburg
Schutz on 10 February 1817.

3) Moses Loeb HIRSCHMANN 1766 Grosskrotzenburg - 19 March 1853
Grosskrotzenburg, married to Schanette (Schebele) Seligmann 1769 Bad Orb -
14 January 1850 Grosskrotzenburg. Moses Loeb received Grosskrotzenburg
Schutz on 13 January 1783.

The first two, both of whom were already using the family name HIRSCHMANN
prior to names being adopted, are documented as father and son. Moses
Loeb, who was still using the patronymic Hirsch at that time, was probably
a brother of Manasses, but this is not proved. On both the tombstones of
Manasses and Moses Loeb, the father's name is given as Hirsch (Zwi).

The name "Jud Hirsch" (the Jew Hirsch) is listed in Grosskrotzenburg in
1749/50. Almost certainly this was Manasses' father. On Manasses'
gravestone (see page 103 of the book "Ihre Seele sei eingebunden in das
Buendel des Lebens: Die juedische Gemeinde und der juedische Friedhof zu
Grosskrotzenburg" by Abraham Frank, Heinz Klab, and Monika Ilona Pfeifer),
his father Zwi (Hirsch) is called a "Chawer" (friend; usually an honorary

Meier Baer HIRSCHMANN (my fourth great-grandfather) is documented as
having two children. (There may have been others.)

1) Fanni HIRSCHMANN 1810 Grosskrotzenburg
2) Isaak HIRSCHMANN 8 October 1814 Grosskrotzenburg - 5 December 1893
Grosskrotzenburg, horse trader, representative of the Jewish community of
Grosskrotzenburg, married 5 June 1838 Grosskrotzenburg to Fanni (Feie)
ROSENBERG 1819 Lichenroth - 4 March 1890 Grosskrotzenburg

Isaak and Fanni were my third great-grandparents. I am very interested in
finding out what happened to Isaak's sister Fanni HIRSCHMANN as well as
any other unknown siblings.

Moses Loeb HIRSCHMANN had the following children:

1) Hirsch HIRSCHMANN 19 March 1795 Grosskrotzenburg - 3 April 1869
Grosskrotzenburg, cattle trader, married 25 June 1828 Grosskrotzenburg to
Gudel REISS about 1800 - 24 May 1858 Grosskrotzenburg

2) Seligmann HIRSCHMANN 8 January 1798 Grosskrotzenburg - 12 December 1877
Grosskrotzenburg, tradesman, married 16 March 1837 to Ester ZELLER about
1811 Zuentersberg (perhaps Zuentersbach) - 24 December 1877

3) Biele HIRSCHMANN 1803 Grosskrotzenburg
4) Isaak HIRSCHMANN March 1805 Grosskrotzenburg, tradesman, married 14
January 1845 Hanau to Regina HEINEMANN about 1815 Oberzell - 8 March 1870

I am also interested in adding to what I know about the descendants of
these four people as well as any unknown siblings.

Ralph N. BAER Washington, DC RalphNBaer@...

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