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I have just received an 1881 marriage certificate >from the Bydgoszcz
Archives (now Poland). Samuel STARGARDTER, aged 57, born in Sepolnie,
was the son of Feka STARGARDTER and Rhane TUCHLER, residents of Sepolnie.

There is a mark like a comma below the "a" in "Feka". The handwriting is
very clear.

Please note that, although the record is >from Tuchel (today Tuchola), and
uses the standard Prussian civil registration form, it is in Polish (both
the printed form and the written entries). Sepolnie is undoubtedly
Zempelburg, today called Sepolno Krajenskie. I believe the parents' given
names have inflected endings, but I don't know what the uninflected
versions would be.

I can't find any mentions of "Feka" or "Rhane" on the JewishGen or SIG
archives. Has anyone encountered these given names before? Thank you for
your help.

Monica Leonards Glenside, PA

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