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Raymond Huessy Norwich, Vermont USA wrote:
Weissensee is not the only Jewish cemetery, or at least not the
only one where Jewish Germans were buried. There was another one
in the Lohenstrasse [?] and another in the Clasinstrasse [?].....===>
Dear Raymond,
There were indeed Jewish cemeteries in the Claassenstrasse and the
Lohestrasse. But they were/are not in Berlin but in Breslau/Wroclaw.
The older one in the Claassenstrasse was opened in 1761 and closed in
1856. It was completely destroyed when in 1945 Hitler declared Breslau a
fortress. The tombstones were used for fortifications. The other one was
in use until the last Breslau Jews had been deported. It is very
beautiful, well kept by the town administration and has been declared a
Polish national monument. A third one, in Breslau-Cosel, was created in
the early 1900th (I believe) after WWI, and is still in use.

In Berlin, there are indeed to other Jewish cemeteries: An old one in
the Schoenhauser Allee, used until the the end of the 19th century, and
another one at the Heerstrasse in West Berlin, which became necessary
after Berlin was divided and , therefore, Weissensee was no more
accessible for citizens of West Berlin.

Hermann da Fonseca-Wollheim Tervuren, Belgium

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